Nakeo WildWarrior Okali

Female Goliath Earth Warden


Age: 26 • Size: Medium • Height: 7’ 7" • Weight: 300
Family: Mother, Father, Younger Twin Brothers • Relationship: Maron

In the moadic goliath villages in the mountain regions, it is a great honor to be chosen. Every 3 to 4 years a small group of highly trained men and women of various classes come through the villages. They stay for about a week and observe the inhabitants, watching for signs and hints of talent and skill suited to their respective classes. At the nd of the week no more than 5 individuals are selected and invited to come and train at an exclusive, intense training school hidden away in a small forest surrounded by the mountains.
The year she turned 7 years, Nakeo was chosen along with 2 year others from her clan. She said goodbye to her family and left for the training center. She spent the next 11 years in the center training alongside the others who were chosen. She expanded her skills by studying basic archery, basic and military melee weaponry, as well as her nature based earth warden skills. She excelled at the center, working her way to the top of her class (partially in thanks to her competitive goliath nature).
After graduation, she joined Maron (her best friend from the center as well as love interest) in his adventuring group made up of 3 others (5 total). They all traveled together for the next 6 years, gaining notority which helped to bring in jobs. They all lived, slept, ate, and moved together, becoming something of a makeshift family. It was a wonderful time in her life, however it came to an end. Seperating from the rest of their group, Maron and Nakeo traveled together for another year, just the two of them.
When Maron decided to settle down, Nakeo continued on in her traveling. She has been traveling alone, taking on jobs as they come, for the past year.

Loves: Meditating in Nature, Fighting, Sarcasm, and Maron
Hates: Cities, Destructing of Nature, Taking About her Past (except with Maron)

Physical Description (Image is similar but not perfect)
Body: strong, muscled frame (not bulky but leaner)
Skin: grey toned with dark greenish-blue patches and stripes throughout her body, line of small lithoderms dotting down the length of her arms
Hair: Raven black hair reaching the small of her back, completely braided in thick lines (dredlock like), the top half of her hair is pulled to the back of her hair with the bottom half of braids still hanging loose
Eyes: large almond shaped, slightly slanted vibrant lapis blue colored
Jewelry: full line of small gold hoops lining the length of her ears, two small gold hoops studded with emerald colored stones pierce her right eyebrow
Clothes/Armor: like many of her fellow goliaths, she bares a lot of skin on her arms, stomach, and legs to show off her patches and stripes (they are a matter of pride for golaiths)
Scars: She has a noticeable scar cutting across her face from above her left eyebrow down ending just past her bottom lip

Nakeo WildWarrior Okali

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